Phil Sonic


Phil Sonic is a musicenthusiat born in steyr ( upperaustria )

Already very early Phil was aware that he was musically different than other people his age. He was always looking for electronic beats as musical impulsion and quickly it became clear that he needs music for live. By the age of 15 years he bought his first turntables and the story took its course. After a few years of spinning vinyl first successes appeared in 2010. Till this time he shared the stage with celebrities like Eric Sneo, Tiefschwarz, Gregor Tresher, Mike Vinyl and many more. Today, he can't imagine live without the electronic music and the mind-blowing feeling to be in harmony with it. His musically affinity goes from classic electronic beats to new stuff. He`s always on the hunt to find the right beats for the right moment. Since 2013 he is also a member of Injectionmusic which is based in steyr and puts the focus on young fresh talents from the musicalps!



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