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Starting his first DJ performances at age 13, he was barely tall enough to look over the turntables. Today, specially in Upperaustria an electronic music scene without Mike is unthinkable. At the young age of 33, well equipped with two whole decades of intense experience as DJ, Mike already may count himself as one of the masters of the old school in electronic music, he still can't get enough of all those long nights of partying, being loud, dancing and celebrations. In short, Mike has by far not had enough of the music circus. Set up in his home base Steyr (Austria), he first conquered the hearts of the local Austrian audience and soon the ones of techno fans at gigs in France, Malta, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc. By age 20, he published his first mix-compilation and crowds of a few 1000 people were dancing to his sound. Mike is too young to be cult, but also too much cult to be considered young. As an organizer, too, Mike has permanently impacted electronic music. So far, he always managed to successfully escape the chase by the all consuming commercialism of music and remained truthfully committed to his grassroots. How this was possible has a simple explanation, it's just a matter of heart - which of course all has got to be in it, as always it the case with Mike - Mike is for real! It's great, that's just how it is and how it will be, now and always!


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